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It’s Not In Your Head Anymore, Sidney!

Hold onto your seats hockey fans, Superstar Sidney Crosby will be back on the ice Thursday night against the New York Rangers.

It appears as though Crosby has gotten some much needed relief from the dizziness and headache symptoms that caused him to bow out of the game last December. The mystery as to why Crosby’s symptoms spontaneously returned last fall were somewhat alluding to a variety of specialists. A medical evaluation eventually produced a diagnosis of soft tissue and associated nerve injury. The assumption was made that the soft tissue injury was mimicking symptoms of a concussion, and in late January, after receiving an injection, the symptoms began to abate.

Hockey fans everywhere (except maybe New York) are looking forward to Crosby blazing back onto the ice and scoring something similar to the 12 points we witnessed in 8 games during his initial comeback.

“Everything is going really well,” said Cosby.

No doubt, it’s tough keeping Sid The Kid off the ice. I can empathize with Penguins general manager Ray Shero,

“He’s a hockey player who wants to play the game of hockey.”

Surely the NHL’s hottest team is looking forward to having Crosby back on the ice tomorrow night. Playing on the 3rd line with the likes of Matt Cooke and Tyler Kennedy, in addition to playing with MVP candidate Evgeni Malkin and fellow center Jordan Staal, should give Sid a good bit of playing opportunity while still helping to protect him against too much roughhousing.

The goal was to get Crosby back on the ice prior to the time the playoffs start. I can’t imagine he’s interested in making his comeback mid-way through the playoffs. The guy needs a chance to get his sea legs back. After a strenuous workout with the team on Tuesday, it looks like he’s ready to go.

Hopefully the Penguins will get their concussed defenseman Kris Letang back on Thursday, too. If that does happen, it will be only the second time this season that the Pens will be at full strength.

Having the world’s best hockey player on the bench for a good bit of the 2010–2011 season, as well as the beginning of the 2011-2012 season has given a different face to the National Hockey League and most certainly to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Let’s just hope that when Crosby skates onto the ice tomorrow night, we will see the “old” Sidney that we know and love. It’s difficult for anybody to argue that Crosby being in the game is anything but great for the sport.

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