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What Could They Possibly Have Been Thinking?

Much like a shooting star as it crosses the sky and then plummets to earth, so will be the draft prospects of Arizona State linebacker Vontaze Burfict. Burfict danced around his displacement of 1st round draft status after a mediocre showing at the NFL scouting combine. Then there was the talk of his character not being of  NFL standards. I must admit that makes me chuckle a bit, given some of the “characters” playing today…but that’s a story for another time.

With those two strikes against Burflict, I would have thought he would certainly be minding the old image-o-meter. Apparently not the case. It was just announced that Vontaze flunked a drug test. The possibility now exists that he may go completely un-drafted. The best he can probably expect is a 3rd round offer.

At the same time it was announced that Burflict flunked his drug test, the news was also released that Virginia Tech cornerback JayRon Hosley had done the like. Hosley’s newsflash wasn’t as great, but it still begs the question:

Who knowingly ingests drugs, prior to a scheduled drug test, that will likely direct the course of their career?

This information will be so fresh, at the time of the NFL draft, that there’s no way a potential suitor will be able to not take it into consideration. There are only two conclusions to be drawn here. Either these players have some very questionable decisions-making skills or they have addiction issues. Neither of which a front office is going to be eager to embrace, especially at the outset of a professional career.

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