Fantasy Football Sports Injury Analysis – 2017 Season

Have you ever:

  • wished you had the inside scoop about which NFL players were injured and how severely so that you could make a more informed draft or trade on your Fantasy Football team?

Have you ever:

  • missed a Tuesday morning waiver or trade opportunity because of a delayed announcement from the professional team or because you just didn’t see the injury hit the press?

That’s all about to change!

I’m a board certified anesthesiologist with over 20 years of experience directing orthopedic and sport-injury specific operating rooms. I have cared for athletes at every level of competition, from the middle school athlete all the way up to the professional athlete. I love all sports, but my favorite is Football! Nothing gets me as excited as the feeling of Fall because it means Football season is just around the corner.

Every year, the number of Fantasy Football leagues forming increases exponentially. The trend of fantasy sports is huge and is showing no signs of slowing down. I personally manage multiple teams and have a great time doing it. I always feel like I have the upper hand when it comes to drafting and trading my players, because of my unique understanding of the complexity of the injuries these athletes suffer. I have a background that lends itself to understanding injury anatomy, injury severity, injury rehabilitation and the time required to get back on the field. 

The bottom line is: I have an unfair advantage when it comes to making Fantasy trades every week. I have the knowledge base that affords me the ability to be a force in my Fantasy league, until the end…year in and year out.

And now I want you to have the same advantage that I have!

Have you ever:

  • drafted your NFL Fantasy Football team, just to find out later that one of the players on your team was injured?

Have you ever:

  • drafted a player and noticed the rest of your Fantasy Football opponents snickering at you because they knew your draft choice was already injured? 

How about when:

  • the NFL teams hold their injury status close to the vest, or even worse, gives out conflicting information?

If any of this has happened to you, you are not alone.

 Fantasy Football has become Big


If you have taken the time to listen to me today, you probably manage at least one Fantasy Football team. I bet you invest lots of time and money on Fantasy Football and I also bet there are often big dollars on the line within your Fantasy Pool.

Don’t be left out this season!

Get the up-to-date information all in one single place, from a medical expert that has an in-depth understanding of sports injuries and their impact on the game. No more browsing from website to website to find the details on Tuesday morning, in order to get the trade jump on your Fantasy Team opponents.

I’ll be with you all season, starting with a

FREE Pre-Draft evaluation

of who’s hurt, how bad and for how long.


When you sign up for the season package, you’ll receive FREE access to the Pre-Season conference call on Sunday, September 3, 2017 at 9 pm EST, in addition to all of the Post-Season injury updates.

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The Full Season Package includes:

  • Fantasy Football Pre-Season Injury Update
  • Tuesday Morning Injury Reports (including Monday night information) to give you the trade-jump on your Fantasy League opponents.
  • Friday Afternoon Injury Updates to allow you to make last minute trades before the weekend games
  • Full Post-Season Injury Updates all the way through the Super Bowl XLIX
  • My personal Fantasy Football Email address for any questions or recommendations you might have during the week!

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Fantasy Football Is A Big Deal and Big Business!

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